Phylodynamic Datasets - Links


GenBankNCBI Public database for all sequences
Influenza Virus ResourceNCBI public database for influenza sequences (useful interface to GenBank)
RNA Virus DatabaseDatabase of RNA viruses, reference alignments and trees
Foot-and-Mouth DiseaseFMD Database at Pirbright
Disease BioPortalFMD Portal for real time surveillance by University of California, Davis


BioEditViewing and aligning sequences (Windows)
MEGA 5Generating trees, viewing and aligning sequences
Path-o-genTest for molecular clock signal (e.g. before running BEAST)
BEAST 1Generating time resolved bayesian tree sets with complex models
BEAST 2Generating time resolved bayesian tree sets with complex models
TracerAnalysing BEAST log file outputs, including mutation rate and other model paramter estimates
FigTreeViewing and colouring phylogenetic trees

Other resources

Institute of Veterinary Virology, University of Bern, useful BVDV website

Institute of Virology, Hannover, Community Reference Laboratory for Classical Swine Fever Virus

Scientific Papers


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Avian Influenza

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