African Swine Fever Virus


The African Swine Fever Virus is a double stranded DNA virus with length approximately 170-190kb encoding for around 150 proteins
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Complete genomes are available for a few strains, and de Villiers et al have published an analysis of 11 complete genome sequences:
de Villier et al (2010) "Phylogenomic analysis of 11 complete African swine fever virus genome sequences" Virology 400:128-136

13 Full genome sequences were downloaded from GenBank on 6 May 2014:
ASFV full genomes (genBank format)


The P72 Major Capsid protein is frequently sequenced and used for genotyping as exemplified by the following studies.

Lubisi et al performed a sequencing study on ASFV in East Africa, Lubisi et al (2005) "Molecular epidemiology of African swine fever in East Africa" Archives of Virology 150:2439-2452

A phylogenetic study was performed on P72 sequences from Southern Africa by Boshof et al (2007),
"The phylogeny revealed the presence of 14 distinct p72 genotypes of which 6 (genotypes XVII-XXII) were considered novel. Eight of these were country-specific with the remaining six having a trans-boundary distribution"
Boshof et al (2007) "Genetic characterisation of African swine fever viruses from outbreaks in southern Africa (1973-1999)" Veterniary Microbiology 121:45-55

ASFV P72 sequences were downloaded from GenBank on 6 May 2014, and aligned manually and with MUSCLE (in MEGA 5).
The information file contains the details of the strain, date, location and host where known

TypeNumber of SequencesNucleotidesFasta FileInformation fileNJ Tree
Full length p72271941 asfv_p72_full_length.fas See below (first 27 lines) -
Partial p72529540 asfv_p72_partial.fas asfv_p72_partial_info.txt asfv_p72_partial_tn93_nj.nwk
Partial p72 Subsampled190540 asfv_p72_partial_onePerCountryPerYear.fas asfv_p72_partial_onePerCountryPerYear_info.txt asfv_p72_partial_onePerCountryPerYear_tn93_nj.nwk